Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Documentary on Brian Eno

"Brian Eno 1971 - 1977. The man who fell to earth" (2011) is said to be the first ever documentary on Eno!? Well, here it is, more than two hours long, and focusing on the years 1971 - 1977.
A fascinating picture is drawn of the "non musician", who entered the rock scene with Roxy Music, stealing too much of the attention from lead singer and song writer Brian Ferry, was later connected to the minimalist and ambient scene, work with among others Robert Fripp, Cluster and David Bowie, and started the label Obscure, presenting ten albums with artists like Gavin Bryars, Harold Budd and David Toop.

Much time is spent on Eno´s fantastic "pop" albums from this period, "Here come the warm jets" (1973), "Taking Tiger Mountain" (1974), "Another green world" (1975) and "Before and after science" (1977). "Another green world" is being hailed as the master piece by lots of people, but I think it´s really hard to choose! I want them all on my best of lists.

Music journalists, biographers and some musicians are talking heads in the film (and they talk a lot!), but I´m sad to say that a well spoken man like Eno is only heard talking for about eight second.
No, he did not cooperate on this project!

I would have liked to hear more music and less talking, but still this is well worth a watch!

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