Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Elton Deans Ninesense Suite

Just a short recommendation for you Canterbury fans today, about a great jazz album. It might even be free jazz. The music on "Elton Dean´s Ninesense Suite" (Jazzwerkstatt, 2011) was recorded live in the early eighties by two quite different bands.

And even if track number one ("Natal"), played by Harry Beckett (tp), Harry Miller (b) and Louis Moholo (dr) might be the most inspired piece here (if i had to rate them), you may take the Canterbury quiz on "Ninesense Suite". In addition to the already mentioned gentlemen Beckett, Miller and Moholo, the musicians are Elton Dean (sax), Keith Tippett (p), Alan Skidmore (sax), Mark Charig (tp), Nick Evans (tb) and Radu Malfatti (tb).

Before you start googling Canterbury artists, check the musicians section over at Calyx, and read the review at Free Jazz.

A nice one!

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