Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A physics lesson with Lord Kelvin

Lord Kelvin is Erik Johannessen (trombone, vocal), Gard Nilssen (drums, vocal) and Eirik Hegdal (saxophones, vocal). And please note, they all clap hands too. On "Dances in the smoke" (Jazzland 2009) you will find marches, improvisations, free jazz, and pure brass. This album is so good, and I should not be too surprised, because these guys are from (among other bands) Puma, Zanussi 5 and Jaga Jazzist.
This release must make science teachers happy too. They will find titles like "Thermodynamics", "Energy is conserved", "To measure is to know" and "Mathematics is the only good metaphysics", and all of us will read about Kelvin too!
The cover drawing is Sigurd Jacobsen´s.
This year´s most thermodynamic album so far.

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