Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I am a bit behind with my classics series, but here we go again. New Riders of the Purple sage is already on the list with today´s man, Jerry Garcia, participating. He get´s another chance, and is now on the list with a solo album, partly because I could not choose among the Grateful Dead albums "American Beauty", "Workingman´s Dead" and "Blues for Allah". Here you get "Garcia" (Warner Brothers 1971). It might not be a perfect album, but that´s not what we´re looking for in Wyatt and Stuff anyway. There are enough great tunes to put it on the list, and if you don´t know the album look for the tracks "Sugaree", "Deal" and "To lay me down" on some proper sites for downloading or listening to music. Freak folk, freak country (perhaps), long before such descriptions were born. Billy Kreutzmann and Robert Hunter is on the team, and the cover is made by Bob Seidemann.

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