Friday, October 23, 2009

Klabbes Bank

Please let me recommend a Swedish band today. I have been listening to Klabbes Bank lately (the records "Je suis la mere" and "Kålsäter"). Even if I do not trace Robert Wyatt (or Carla Bley) in here, as the Swedish paper Svenska Dagbladet do, this is fine jazz. Some of the tracks are really calm, others make some waves (like "Je suis la mere") and a couple of tunes even make me think of Jaga Jazzist (like "Led meg bort" - meaning "take me away"). The band: Thomas Backman alto saxophone, bass clarinet and clarinet, Joel Wästberg alto saxophone and tenor saxophone, Magnus Wiklun trombone, Klas Henrik Hörngren piano, Tobias Sondén bass and Martin Öhman drums. Listen at MySpace, and download at eMusic.
Sound like a bunch of nice Swedes these ones!

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