Sunday, October 25, 2009


People share lots of playlists on Spotify, Twitter and Facebook, trying to trick other people to listen to their favorites. Here is my version, a list of the tunes my iPod coughed up (Shuffle mode) when I was out walking today. I recommend all of them, but be ware of some abrupt mood changes in there (it´s autumn so we are like that anyway).
I hereby swear that I did not add or remove any artist or track!

John Abercrombie Quartet: I´ve overlooked before
Evan Parker: Conic Sections 5
Bob Dylan: Nobody ´Cept You
The Who: The glow girl
Jono El Grande: Your mother eats like a Platipus
Warren Zevon: I was in the house when the house burned down.
The Klezmatics: From here on in
Captein Beefheart: Yellow brick road
Malcolm Middlethon: Up late night again
Robert Wyatt: Little child
Robert Wyatt: Life is sheep
Jan Erik Vold: Mishimadiktet
Hugh Hopper: Digwot
MC5: Rocket Reducer no. 62
Richard Thompson: Miss Patsy
Spunk: Hvis en kantklipper fikk lov til å synge
Jan Garbarek: Knot of place and time
PJ Harvey: Horses in my dreams
Linda Thompson: Stay bright
Ai Phoenix: Autobahn
Atomic: King Kolax

A comment on one of the tracks above: If some of you out there are collectors, or just fans of Norwegian jazz, please note the new Jan Erik Vold box set (Vokal - The Complete Recordings 1966-1977) on Plastic Strip. You´ll find Jan Garbarek Quartet/Quintet and the Garbarek-Stenson Group on these albums. Vold reads his stuff in Norwegian.

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