Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Those of you interested in Norwegian jazz and impro bands better watch out for the new Hubro label (under Grappa).
The first record is already released: Labfield (I.Zach & D.Stakenäs) with friends - "Collab" (HUBROCD2502). Other planned releases are Splashgirl (A.Løwe, J.B.Myhre, A.Knudsrød) with guests on "Arbor" (HUBROCD2500) and Mats Eilertsen Quartet (T.Brunborg, T.Dahl, O.Louhivuori) on "Radio Yonder" (HUBROCD2501).

Thanks to my Twitter contacts Musikkoperatørene and mizuhotroll for the news. Then we can only hope that Hubro will design a beautiful site, with lots of information on the artists and the bands, unlike several other labels.

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