Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dondestan - The Robert Wyatt Project

Festival Les Nuits Européennes is happening just now in Strasbourg. Dondestan - The Robert Wyatt Project is on the program. I steal this information from the festival site:
"Over the years, Robert Wyatt, legendary drummer of English progressive rock pioneers "Soft Machine", bound to a wheelchair after an accident, has created a unique oeuvre that symbolises pure artistic freedom. The album Rock Bottom is his undisputed masterpiece, but the more recent Cuckooland is marvellous, as well. Consciously ignoring short-lived trends, his music seems to be mastered by raw emotion and his voice is beyond comparison in this world. Dondestan, produced by the unofficial Robert Wyatt fan club, offers an eclectic and deeply sincere representation of Wyatt's work. The rules are as follows: every musician invited chooses at least one of Wyatt's ingenious compositions and writes new arrangements. New interpretations have been presented, and the master himself has considered at least one version far better than the original. Although evolving in very different personal universes, the musicians involved in this project have expressed an experience they all have in common: how they were affected, inspired, and influenced by this legend".
These people are probably playing: John Greaves,Karen Mantler , Sylvain Kassap, Hélène Labarriere, Jacques Mahieux, Karen Mantler, Jef Morin and Gilles Hugo.
Lucky you, if you are in Strasbourg, me, I´m going to see Motorpsycho in Bergen tonight.

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