Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Eight desert island tunes

Oh no, another list!
Yes, I ended up choosing my eight tunes for a stay on a desert island, for the Norwegian blog Musikkprat (head on over there to choose your own songs if you like!).

I´m not going to that island anyway, so i did not choose eight very long and advanced pieces of music to keep my ears occupied for as long as possible! I picked some sad ones, some fun ones and some noisy ones (albums in brackets).

Ivor Cutler: Good Morning! How are you? Shut Up! (Ludo)
- Way to start the day, any place!

Robert Wyatt: Sea Song (Rock Bottom)
- Island or mountain top, this one is coming along.

Robert Wyatt: Free Will And Testament (Shleep)
- "What kind of spider understands arachnophobia?" Animals on that island?

Maja Ratkje: Insomnia (Voice)
- Boring island? Play this one as loud as you can.

Peter Blegvad: Crumb De La Crumb (Downtime)
- "In cemeteries of cement, it says on every monument; consider how your time is spent, ´cause soon your time is done". Time for some thinking.

Arild Nyquist & Terje Wiik: Visa om kjærlighet (Epleslang)
- Sweet and sad love song in Norwegian.

Brøtzmann, Nilssen-Love, Gustafsson: Bullets Through Rain (The Fat Is Gone)
- Live from Moldejazz, and a souvenir. I was there.

1982: 6:02 (Pintura)
- Folk improv for all ecosystems.

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