Monday, June 25, 2012

The end of an ear - again

Let me remind you (once more) about Robert Wyatt´s first solo album "The end of an ear" (1970). It´s out on Esoteric (2012), remastered an all!

The sound quality seems OK to my (not too audiophile, I have to admit) ears, and you get 16 pages of sleeve notes (a lot of focus on the split between Soft Machine and Wyatt), photos and copies of old newspaper notes.

Let´s cite Smith: "Most observers regard 1974´s "Rock Bottom" as the start of Wyatt´s solo career proper, with "The end of an Ear" having been largely forgotten. Yet, in addition to being a rich and surprisingly intimate portrait, this album is also a map pointing toward many of the territories he would go on to explore and refine".

Well worth a listen, for several reasons!


vincentsear said...

do you have information on the Marcus O'Dair penned biography of Mr.Wyatt?

Svenn said...

Hey. I know Robert Wyatt has been interviewed for a book project, but I didn´t know the author´s name. Thanks! I see M O´Dair has been talking too

I have been contacted by another guy writing about Robert Wyatt too (a couple of years ago), but I don´t know what´s happening to that project.