Sunday, June 24, 2012

... The Worse the Better

London´s Cafe Oto must be some kind of heaven for people who like free jazz and improvisational music. They have started their own record company too, and the first release is Peter Brötzmann (reeds), John Edwards (b) and Steve Noble (dr): "… The Worse the Better" (OTO roku, 2012).
This is a recording of the first set of a concert held at Cafe Oto in January 2010 (40 min), and it is unbelievable tough free jazz at it´s best!

You better check out what Free Jazz is saying about the album.

Order a great vinyl issue, with cover by Brötzmann, or stick to the mp3 file if you prefer. You get the mp3 file sent by mail if you order the vinyl too (at least from Cafe Oto´s store). That´s the way to do it!

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