Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Live from Austin TX

New West Records did release Richard Thompson´s "Live from Austin TX" on CD and DVD already in 2008, but now they finally offer the recordings from Austin City Limits (2001) on double, glorious vinyl! If it´s good? You bet!

Danny Thompson plays the bass and Michael Jerome the drums.


1. Cooksferry Queen
2. Uninhabited Man
3. Walking The Long Miles Home
4. Al Bowlly's In Heaven
5. Mingus Eyes (video below)
6. Dry My Tears
7. Easy There, Steady Now
8. Persuasion
9. Bathsheba Smiles
10. Mr. Rebound
11. Ghosts In The Wind
12. She Twists the Knife Again
13. Shoot Out The Lights
14. Crawl Back (Under My Stone)
15. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning

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