Friday, June 1, 2012

Voices That matter

Maja Ratkje´s series of concerts, Voices That Matter, is happening at the Bergen International Festival, and Thursday afternoon people on the main street got a taste of it too, with Phil Mintons "Feral Choir".
If you have some breath in you, you may participate in the feral choir.

In the video you may be able to recognize Maja Ratkje, David Moss and Phil Minton, and I believe the rest of them are local amateur singers, so if you recognize some of them you are probably their mother or father. Even nature is joining in on video, breathing it´s cold winds straight through my camera.

I have to use the f-word to describe David Moss´ concert Thursday evening. Fantastic! The word "concert" is not even telling half the truth, since Moss was a great story teller too. Using words, sounds, gestures and soundtrack, he told the stories of his own and our lives.

Damn, I was a bit touched by the stories, to tell you the truth.

Added 9 June 2012: See a much better video here!

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