Sunday, August 17, 2008

After Dark

I did it again. Instead of getting a life, I took notes on the musical references in Haruki Murakami´s "After Dark", as I did with Pelecanos some time ago. I think parts of Murakami´s books are jazz, and I really like it when authors use music to describe the feeling of an episode in a book. Here they are (composer or musician):
Alessandro Scarlatti
Ben Webster
Brian Asavva (voc Scarlatti)
Burt Bacharach
Curtis Fuller
Duke Ellington
Eric Clapton
Francis Lai (Love Story)
Hall & Oats
Hary Carney
Ivo Pogorelic (p, Bach)
Jimi Hendrix
Martin Denny´s Orchestra
Mick Jagger
Percy Faith Orchestra
Pet Shop Boys
Pete Townsend
Sonny Rollins
Southern All Stars
Suga Shikao
Tower of Power

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