Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Swan Peak

I'm always happy when a new James Lee Burke book is out. The newest one is "Swan Peak" (Simon & Schuster 2008). Dave Robicheaux, wife, and wild man Clete Purcell, have travelled to Montana this time, to relax and fish some trout! Sure! Believe it or not, but there are bad bastards, old rich families with power, and longing for alcohol here too.
You get a lot of classic Burke. There are incredible descriptions of the nature of Montana, the story got rhythm, musical references (country this time) and the dialog is cool. How about the crooks: "You didn't do it? You let a dimwit broad with tats on her tits bust open your face. You don't call that doin' it?". It's violent and exciting, but it's not easy to believe all of it. The two Bobsey Twins Dave and Clete don't seem to get much older by the years? If you haven't read Burke, start with one of the previous books. You'll read this later anyway.
One of the heroes of the book is country singer Jimmy Dale Greenwood. It could be a hidden reference to Jimmie Dale Gilmore?

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