Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lars Horntveth: "Kaleidoscopic"

Lars Horntveth (Jaga Jazzist) has composed ”Kaleidoscopic”, a 36 minute piece for Horntveth and symphony orchestra. It was performed live at the Øya festival in Oslo last week, and is on CD from Smalltown Supersound . The first time I heard it I felt it was a bit boring, but still quite good. Now it´s like a soundtrack to movies I never saw. A break up scene here, a not too cosy dinner party there, a walk in dark streets with fog creeping in from the harbour, and other scenes you make up while you listen. Sometimes I think I can hear Jaga Jazzist, and even Penguin Cafe Orchestra and I think this record will grow with repeated listening, but play loud! All library people will love Horntveth for naming the librarian of the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra in the same way as the musicians.
Now I´m using "Kaleidoscopic" as a soundtrack to Haruki Murakami´s book "After Dark", a movie as good as anyone, since the scenes of the book are described as seen through a camera lens. The book is the movie for the soundtrack, and "Kaleidoscopic" is the soundtrack to the book. Quite nice.

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