Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Short info, but you really need it

- John Hegre is in Noxagt now, instead of Anders Hana. They play The Øya festival in Oslo Friday.
- Jørgen Mathisen is in The Core instead of Kjetil Møster. Visit the Bootleg-department on The Core's website. You'll find three concerts ready to be downloaded, at no cost.
- EKKO, Bergen Electronic Music & Art Festival, is scheduled for 5-6 September, with Annie, The Whitest Boy Alive, A Certain Ratio, and a lot of artists nobody ever mentioned to me.
- Artists are ready for The Phonofestival in Bergen 15-20 September, and so far I have only heard about Syntax Terrorkester.
I might be wrong, but my guess is that the EKKO and Phono festivals are for clubbing young people. Tch.Tch.
- A reminder: Hole in the Sky is happening 27-30 August. You may se bands with names like "Dead to this World", "Toxic Holocaust", "Brutal truth" and "3 inches of blood". Dance me to the end of time, baby.

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