Friday, August 8, 2008

John Zorn

I can't really understand why I haven't listened more to John Zorn, but I think I'll have to start checking out his music.I've been listening to his latest album "The Dreamer" (Tzadik 2008) for a couple of days, and that's really good. You get some nice jazz with a melody (and kick me if you think I'm stupid, but some of it makes me think of Garbarek/Jarret in the 70s). But don't worry, this one is well spiced with sunny surf music and scary psychojazz too.
Guitarist Marc Ribot is in the front here, and I always cheer for Joey Barron on drums. Great music, cute cover.

And since my blogpost on Batman the other day didn't scare you off the blog, you might want to listen to Zorn and Naked City's version of the Batman Theme here.

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