Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kevin Ayers - Songs For Insane Times

Kevin Ayers - Songs For Insane Times: Anthology 1669 - 1980
Originally uploaded by EMI Music Norway

EMI is releasing a 4 CD box with Kevin Ayers on the Harvest label! The Mojo rating is four stars out of five possible(September issue). I don't know if the box is available yet, but it is on it's way at least. Robert Wyatt is on a couple of tracks too. So far I've seen "Lady Rachel" (from "Joy of a Toy") and "Clarence in Wonderland" (from "Shooting at the Moon"), but there might be more.

LAter: And it's EMI Norway that claims the box covers the period from 1669! See comments.


Anonymous said...

Svenn, just a slight remark: the period is from 1969-1980, not 1669.
All the best

Svenn said...

Oh, that's a pity! We'll miss most of his best stuff then! Heh heh. I blame EMI Norway thoug. This is the first time I blogged directly from Flickr - and see what happens! Thanks