Sunday, April 26, 2009

Inspired by Wyatt?

We haven't had much news on Robert Wyatt lately, so let's just make up some on a Sunday morning (not really!).
- "Balky Mule" is Sam Jones, and the record "The Length Of The Rai" "is a bubbling, bleeping romp of toy-shop psychedelia and likable shy-boy vocal", they say over at "Noise". And more: "Still, the disc is very much a bedroom creation, and one can almost imagine Jones skipping and grinning from behind the safety of his teetering piles of instruments; behind that wall is a bashful, boyish warble, pitched somewhere between Robert Wyatt and a more lucid version of Syd Barrett".
- is interviewing Luke Temple, who listens (or at least listened) a lot to Robert Wyatt.

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