Saturday, April 25, 2009

Zu: Carboniferous

OK here comes another album that is hard to place on the genre map: Zu and "Carboniferous" (Ipecac 2009). 10 tunes walking the borders of rock, metal, noise, prog and jazz (?), and it works fine (even if I'm not sure I'll be able to listen to the whole album in one go lots of times). My guess is that this is music for people who like Shining, The Thing (see blog post from Night Jazz 2007) and King Crimson. Check them out on Spotify, if you haven't heard this band (I shopped at eMusic). Zu is Jacopo Battaglia (drums), Massimo Pupillo (bass) and Luca T. Mai (sax), and Mike Patton's on "Carboniferous" too . They have toured with Patton, and let's see a video from Rome, where Danny DeVito is introducing the musicians!

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