Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Shindig! (vol 2, no 9, 2009) run a six pages long piece and interview with Kevin Ayers. It's on the usual stuff from the Canterbury days with Soft Machine and Robert Wyatt and onwards. Ayers, not the man to promote himself in any way, deserves every journal and newspaper article he can get. These days you may also buy new editions of "Sweet Deceiver", "Yes we have no Mananas" and "The Confessions of Dr. Dream", all of them with bonus tracks (EMI).
Shindig! was unknown to me until yesterday, when I found it in the Apollon record store in Bergen. Psychedelia and garage rock seem to be their main stuff, and here's what they say: "Psych, Garage, Beat, Powerpop, Soul, Folk... For People Who Want More!" Sounds good.

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