Sunday, April 5, 2009

More on the Molde Jazz Festival

The program for the Molde Jazz Festival 2009 is looking better and better (only in Norwegian so far), and I just want to mention that Arve Henriksen will be "Artist in Residence" and Atomic will do a club concert.
Let's look at some old stuff from the festival too. The video is from the Molde Cinema 5 August 1967, and show Cadentia Nova Danica. The musicians are: John Tchicai (as), Karsten Vogel (as), Hugh Steinmetz (tp), Kim Mentzer (trb), Finn Edler von Eyben (b), Piet Kuiters (p), Giorgio Monsoni (perc) and Bo Thrige Andersen (dr) (according to books on the festival by Terje Mosnes).

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