Monday, April 6, 2009

When Jazz Cats Meet Rockers list a dozen surprising combinations of jazz musicians and rock artists. You get Sonny Rollins with Rolling Stones, Chick Corea with Rick Derringer, Ornette Coleman with Yoko Ono, Stan Getz with Huey Lewis & The News and more.
One day I might look through my own record collection to see if I find som wild combinations, but at first glance, most cooperations seem quite natural. Robert Wyatt's fond of jazz as we know, and has worked with among others Evan Parker, Gilad Atzmon and Gary Windo, and let's mention one more with John Surman guesting on "Point Scarlet" on Christine Collister's "The Dark Gift of Time".

In Norway we have the band Datarock, and it seems like saxman Kjetil Møster is a regular member of the band, red tracksuit and all! The video is a cover of Devo's "Mongoloid".

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