Friday, May 22, 2009

Nattjazz, Bergen 21 May 2009

Arve Henriksen Trio
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The audience at The Sardinen in Bergen were spellbound by Arve Henriksen Trio Thursday evening. Henriksen plays his trumpets in all kinds of ways and is a fantastic singer too (sounds Asian, African, Norwegian, and so on)while Eivind Aarset works his guitar and Mac and Jan Bang samples and turns knots. Great trio work. I was hoping for some noisy stuff in between, but if they want to be nice, it's OK with me.

Before I had to run for the bus, I listened to half of Wiik/Dörner/Longberg-Holm/Zanussi's concert. This is a new improband with Håvard Wiik, Per Zanussi, Axel Dörner and Fred Longberg-Holm, and if you Google these guys, I think you'll see they've been around a bit. It sounded quite good actually, but next time give us a smile, say hello, invite us in and don't be so damned serious.

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