Sunday, May 17, 2009

A ridiculous collection

Here you get an over the top collection of links to sites, where Robert Wyatt is hardly mentioned (but he's there). You don't have to read this post!
- Here We Go Magic in Irish Times.
-Death Cab For Cutie and Emily Haines in The Current Music Blog.
- Telekinesis on listening to Fleetwood Mac and Robert Wyatt, in Rolling Stone.
- John Greaves in Citizen Jazz.
- On Blue Notes in Polish Diapazon.
- On Argos in Music in Belgium.
- Noel Gallagher and Robert Wyatt? In Rolling Stone in Spanish.
- Live "Around Robert Wyatt" in la Montagne?
- Max Nagl's new record at Faltershop.
- Italian Il Messagero claims that Manuel Agnelli has been singing "Shipbuilding".
- Something about playing Wyatt in Discos? Belgian MetroTime.
- Centenaire inspired by Robert Wyatt, in

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