Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ultralyd with shanty choir!

Ultralyd performed in Bergen's Grieghallen yesterday with the shanty choir Navy Vocalis. All this as a part of the Bergen International Festival, and as a hommage to the late Bergen photographer J.A. Løtvedt. Løtvedt made a lot of documentary film, and this performance ("J.A. Løtvedt on the Seven Seas") focused (of course) on the maritime areas (travels in the arctic, oil, shipping etc). Ultralyd did a lot of ambient film music (bows on guitar, bass and percussion), but took the opportunity to make some noise too (thanks!), and had a fantastic piece where Fredrik Saroea from Datarock sung the words of shipowner Hilmar Reksten from an interview we just had seen. I'm not sure how cool the use of shanty choir was, but Kjetil Møster's saxophone works fine with oil tankers, helicopters and musk ox.
Ultralyd is Kjetil Møster, Anders Hana, Kjetil Brandsdal and Morten J. Olsen. Director was: Morten Traavik.

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