Thursday, May 28, 2009


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I managed one more evening at the Nattjazz in Bergen, mainly to see Eldbjørg Raknes (vocal) with Stian Westerhus (guitar) and Eirik Hegdal (sax). I've written about their album some time ago in the blog, and they were just (or at least) as good live. Sound man Tor Breivik is named in the program, but they brought a "lightman" with lights and videos too, making the stage very stylish. Name the man in the comments if you know him. (Added afterwards: Pekka Stokke thanks to The concert was run as one long set, Raknes mainly singing without words, Westerhus playing guitar and just as much pedals and Hegdal even did a Rahsaaan Roland Kirk, with a couple of saxes at the same time. More a band than a vocalist with musicians this. Nice!

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