Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Captain Bob"

Finally The Word (issue 79, September 09) is for sale in Norway too. Robert Wyatt is cover boy, and one of several "cult heroes" interviewed in the magazine. "Captain Bob" by Rob Fitzpatrick is quite good, with great portraits by photographer Shamil Tanna. Wyatt salutes straight pop artists like Cliff Richard and Chuck Berry, artists he didn´t like at all when he was younger.
On expectations Robert says: "I don´t want to be cornered. People say they can always tell my voice, so one day I´ll release a record called something like The Lost Tapes of East Van Solihull and I´ll do a series of songs in other people´s voices". I´ll be waiting for that one!
I´m a bit disappointed that Robert Wyatt is not represented on the CD, together with Norwegian artist Thomas Dybdal. I could have extended this very important list then.

Among the other cult artist in the magazine, I´ll just mentioned another great musician: Martin Carthy.

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