Thursday, August 20, 2009


Motorpsycho made some people a bit angry by releasing their "Child of the Future" only on vinyl, but thank God they are not alone! Lots of other people tend to make things difficult (read: fun) for collectors too.

On Lasse Marhaug´s site, he writes that there is a split 10" with Jazkamer and OffonOff on Gaffer Records. Visit Gaffer and you´ll find a split 10" with MoHa! and Tape That too.

The great saxophone player Mats Gustafsson has released several limited edition LPs already, and on his news site I found (among other stuff) a very special record by Artfarmer and a solo casette made in 100 copies (soon to be released).

I like these guys!

Listen to what Mats Gustafsson is telling you: ONE PIECE OF VINYL PER DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY!!!!!!

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