Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Radio Experiment Rome

In 1981 Robert Wyatt was invited to Rome, to spend a week in Rai´s studios, to document and broadcast his ways of working. What we get to hear on "Radio Experiment Rome, February 1981" (Rai Trade 2009) is improvised and playful. Wyatt uses his voice, plays keyboards, percussion, jew´s harp, and samples news broadcasts. On one track ("Holy War") we get a mix of "God Save The Queen", "The Internationale" and "Anarchy in the UK" and we also get a version of "Born Again Cretin".
If you are new to Wyatt through "Comicopera", better buy your way backwards in his discography before you get this one, but the rest of us:get it! My copy arrived from Amazon-UK, but they seem to be out of stock already.

Added the day after: Back in stock at Amazon!

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