Friday, August 28, 2009

Some stuff happening in Norway

- HITS. Hole in the Sky. These days Bergen is filled up with metal fans all dressed in black. On my way from work today, I listened to an acoustic afternoon set by Cynic at the Garage bar (picture). People told me these guys usually play LOUD!
- Numusic. Exciting festival in Stavanger, starting 13 September.
- PUNKT. A must-visit festival I haven´t visited yet. Happening in Kristiansand 2 - 5 September.
- Ultima. Contemporary music festival in Oslo 9 - 19 September. I just got an invitation to visit the opening concert! My God, I feel chosen.
- Høvikodden live! Great program for the autumn at the Høvikodden Art Center in Oslo, but you better hurry up. Stephen O´Malley is on with a commissioned work this Sunday.

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