Friday, August 7, 2009

Hatfield and the North reissued

Two of the Canterbury rock´s central albums are reissued by Cherry Red/Esoteric these days, that is Hatfield and the North´s first album "Hatfield and the North" (1973) (Robert Wyatt sings on the track "Calyx") and "The Rotters´Club" (1975).
The reissued first album also contains the band´s first 7" "Let's Eat Real Soon"/"Fitter Stoke Has A Bath", and some stuff from the Virgin V sampler (1975) (never been on CD before) (not sure about this, see Amazon). The five bonus tracks on "The Rotters´ Club" have been on CD on a previous edition. And I hope the sound is great, and the printed material fantastic.
Hatfield and the North is Richard Sinclair, Dave Stewart, Phil Miller and Pip Pyle.
I got the news (and stole some info) from the DownTown Music Gallery newsletter.

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