Sunday, August 2, 2009

Oh no, even more from Moldejazz

- This was supposed to be the final post from the Molde Jazz festival, but if Gaburu continues to upload videos and Flickr pictures I might come back with more. Here you get Christian Wallumrød Ensemble with Wallumrød (harmonium), Arve Henriksen (trumpet), Nils Økland (Hardanger fiddle) and Per Oddvar johansen (drums).
- Svennejanson uploaded a shaky morning video from "Break of day in Molde" with Arve Henriksen (at seven o´clock in the morning).
- A trumpet solo from the Jaga Jazzist concer here.
- Han Bennink finally got his own band, and after the Molde concerts he sold the fine one from Han Bennink Trio called "Parken" (ILK 2009). Here you get band compositions and tunes by Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn. Bennink also made the cover, and please note the minimalistic autograph to the right.
- Unfortunately I missed Jaga Jazzist´s concert, but got to hear Maja Ratkje and bass player Joëlle Léandre instead. Sometimes you just have to choose. Léandre was just as eager as Bennink to sell records, shouting "Don´t go, don´t go!" after the concert, asking people to do some shopping. I bought a bas duo album with Joëlle Leandre & William Parker "Live at Dunoís" (Leo records 2009). . Great album!
Maja Ratkje had a more laidback selling style, but anyway I bought Fe-mail (Ratkje/Tafjord) "Voluptuous Vultures" (PsychForm 2006).

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がぶる said...

sorry but i may post one more video, which is of "Low Frequency of Stereo". hope you enjoy it as well.