Saturday, August 22, 2009

La musica rock-progressiva europea

A friendly person made a comment in my blog about an Italian book with Ivor Cutler on the cover. It´s called "La musica rock-progressiva europea", and here is most of the comment: "There is a book in Italian which is about to be reprinted. It sports Ivor on the cover - actually a beautiful pix Silvia Lelli (wife of Roberto Masotti, the great ECM photographer) did in London at Cutler's house. In the book you find all the stuff Ivor did from Magical Mystery Tour onwards. To date, in Italian."
My Italian is more than a bit rusty, but if there are lots of nice pictures of Ivor Cutler and his friends, I might consider ordering it. Anyone out there seen this book?

And after another friendly comment: Here you may see Robert Wyatt and Dagmar Krause on the front cover of the first edition of the book.


francesco.russo5 said...

Hallo, there are no pictures inside this excellent book. Anyway, I suggest to everyone to buy this long-awaited reprint (in the first edition -1979, I suppose -there were Robert Wyatt and Dagmar Krause in concert on the cover [I was too young]). Unfortunatly to them who do not read Italian, I have to say that it has a rare equilibrium of an excellent writing for an excellent and unusual subject.
Best regards,
Francesco Russo
(p.s. compliments for the blog!)

Svenn said...

Thank you! here are the two covers:

Andrea said...

Dear Svenn and Francesco, my name is Andrea (Andrew), I'm the publisher of "La musica rock-progressiva europea". As Francesco reported, there are no pictures inside ths book, anyway next Christmas we will publish a quite beautiful book about the 'other' music in the Seventies, in Italy and Europe, and we are planning to have a good number of amazing and never released photographs accompanying the text. Furthermore, with the book there will be a CD with forgotten or never published Italian prog music - we are restoring the tapes in these days. The autohr will be Luca Majer (the same of "La musica...). Al Aprile, who was as a brother for me, died at 31, in the 1991. Hope this can interest. Ciao! Andrea, Berlin

Svenn said...

Hello! Thanks a lot for the info!