Monday, March 22, 2010

Bobby Womack

It´s about time for a classics blog post again, and this time we make room for Bobby Womack. If you need a reason why, I liked the Gorillaz video "Stylo", featuring Bruce Willis in tip top shape, and among the guests on the track, soul man Womack!
I will not pretend to know Bobby Womack´s discography, but in the beginning of the eighties I fell for the two albums "The Poet" (1981) and "The Poet II" (1984). This is pretty polished soul music, but so what?
I´ll choose the first album over the second, both for the music and the clothes on the cover, but "The Poet II" has Patti Labelle and Martin Luther King Jr! Check out "If you think you are lonely now", "So many sides of you", "Just my imagination" and "Tryin´to get over you".
A lot of sad songs indeed, but I guess you may dance to it still.

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