Sunday, March 21, 2010

Robert Wyatt links

- Robert Wyatt´s "Sight of the wind" was nominated by someone or the other "being that American Beauty plastic-bag moment set to music"? Heh?
- Lars Horntveth and Jaga Jazzist list Robert Wyatt among their favorites.
- And since The Yorker wrote about Björk´s "Medulla" (2004), where Robert Wyatt participates, i find an excuse to post "Oceania".
- So many people mention Wyatt as a reference point now, that I have given up checking all results from my standing Google searches. He´s mentioned in close to every piece on The Unthanks and Hot Chip, so let me just link to a site where you find the Hot Chip boy band video "I feel better", not that Wyatt has got anything to do with that! (Sorry, a Sunday posting this one). EMI won´t let us see the video on YouTube in Norway, according to the message I get. How smart is that?

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