Saturday, March 13, 2010

Borealis 2010 - Day number four

Friday, and another marathon day at the Borealis festival. In the afternoon I heard Anders Førisdal play Clemens Gardenstätter. The same guitar player ran through close to all rock cliches known to humankind, with composer Laurence Crane in "Some Rock Music for Alan Thomas"., and we even got some headbanging at Borealis. Yeah! Yeah!
In the evening there was a "cabaret" at the Logen theatre, and again let me point to the rhythm doctors of Madras Curry, playing Siegfried Kutterer´s music! Robyn Schulkowsky joined them in "Indigo" (top picture), and she also played a set on her huge "sub-contrabass marimbas" with local musicians.
And poor Trondheim Jazzorkester (bottom picture), did not get on stage until after one o´clock. This orchestra, with among others Kim Myhr, Sidsel Endresen and Christian Wallumrød, deserve better than the half sleeping (and sleeping!) bunch left in the hall. I hoped they would wake us with a big band bang, but the music was quiet and beautiful as long as I was present (night bus two o´clock sharp!), and for all I know they might have slept both on and off stage in the end.
And if you are still awake, you may want to see some Flicker pictures from the festival.

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