Sunday, March 14, 2010

Borealis 2010 - Day number five

Saturday, and the final day of Borealis 2010! I started in church listening to two works by Gerhard Stäbler and Kunsu Shim mixed into one. Military orchestra, choirs and even perfume sprayed by the composers. Pretty easy to pick out the ones who were allergic to perfume there.
This church (Korskirken) is situated in an area of Bergen where you have a lot of heavy drinkers and drug addicts, and since the double doors were not closed, their noise added some extra flavor to the music. Usually I´m not tolerant at all to disturbances during concerts, but here it was OK.

Later in the evening there was a screening of a film about drummer Øyvind Skarbø (1982) and his thoughts about transferring experiences as an inexperienced skater into music in "This is why people O.D. on pills" by Jennifer Walshe! I hope they put it on YouTube with english subtitles for you all.
Danish Dygong played noise and electronica, commented by the one and only Boris Jeltsin (picture).
And I´m not lying to you, suddenly we had a dirty disco party, with audience and organizers all jumping around with their hands waving, like this is what we really were waiting for. Party! Not lying, but to be completely honest, the London band The Chap worked pretty hard to make it! Sound clips and videos on The Chap´s MySpace site, but they sounded even better at the Landmark club. A bit like B-52s on too much espresso?

Borealis is a great festival, no doubt about it, but let me offer a kind advise to composers and musicians in the contemporary field (from an amateur, yes I know): Don´t keep going as long as you intend to. Please?

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