Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Borealis 2010 - Day number one

I really like the way the Borealis festival in Bergen use different arenas for their concerts. Tuesday they really got going, and i managed to hear and see Norwegian author Mette Karlsvik in the public library, the opening of the exhibition "Catabolizer" by Gerhard Eckel in the Lydgalleriet, the opening concert "Helios Nordwärts" by Gerhard Stäbler (composed for orchestras, fire engines and helicopters) inside and outside a hotel, a nice concert by Else Olsen Storesund (picture) (works by John Cage and Storesund) in a piano store and then concerts in the homes of families in the Kalmarhuset building!
In Kalmarhuset we were divided into groups and guided up and down stairs to the different appartments. I managed to switch groups after a while, so I got to hear Stian Westerhus (picture) twice. Westerhus close up, and not so loud as he usually plays was just fantastic.
And we even got wine!
Check out my photos.

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