Friday, March 12, 2010

Borealis 2010 - Day number three

The Borealis festival in Bergen is still happening in different kinds of concert rooms. Wednesday was in an old factory (but I had a day off), but Thursday I attended a fantastic lunch concert in a bank building. Madras Curry played works by Siegfried Kutterer, who is a part of the trio together with Domenico Melchiorre and Szilard Buti. Great stuff! Borealis call these fine gentlemen "contemporary music´s Crosby, Stills & Nash"!
At the public library Norwegian poet Erlend Nødtvedt read his poems in such a musical way, that you would have loved it, even if you didn´t understand a word. But watch out! This guy reads, and one second later he has left the building!
Kerry Yong played Stockhausen, Clementi and Knut Vaage on his Casio keyboard. This happened in an art exhibition, and later in the evening, he even played an Ivor Cutler tune with Casiokids at a club!
This evening was close to perfect, but hell, they did it again! They dragged the audience along to perform! I mean, putting masks on grown ups like that! I´m sweating.

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