Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Psychedelia-folk or drone-folk? It just might be one of them, but who cares, better listen yourselves to the new album by FNS ( "FNS") on the Miasmah label (2010). It is a bit sad, it sounds like home made ambient, with layers of guitars that may be almost too monotonous ("Silence to say hello"), but also very beautiful ("I think she´s asleep"). Some of it even reminds me of the German Popol Vuh. A great album, if you ask me.
FNS is the Norwegian guy Fredrik Ness Sevendal, and Inga-Lill Farstad is guesting on vocal.
Shop in Norway at Tiger or Looop, who even claim this was released first time on Clearsnare Records in 2005.
Miasmah is run by Erik Skodvin, and if you don´t mind shopping at iTunes, they sell FNS and most of the albums from Skodvin´s projects Svarte Greiner and Deaf Center at what must be far less than what they are worth. Oh, I guess iTunes prices may not be the same in every country, but check it out.

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