Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Sunday video festival

OK, here is a short Sunday video festival, and watch only the first one if you hate low quality videos
Starting the festival are Mats Gustafsson (bs), Phil Minton (voice) and John Russell (g) at Cafe Oto (London, 11 April 2010). I have a strong feeling that I would spend a lot of time at Cafe Oto if I lived in London!
Then some history for you, with Charles Lloyd (ts), Keith Jarrett (p), Cecil McBee (b) and Jack DeJohnette (dr) at The Molde International Jazz Festival in 1966 (even if Karin Krog says 1967 in the intro).
At last two short and not too good videos (but we are desperate for Wyatt news!) from Comicoperando, La Musica di Robert Wyatt, Teatro Comunale, Modena, 1 March 2010 with Richard Sinclair, Dagmar Krause, Chris Cutler, Gilad Atzmon and others.

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