Monday, April 19, 2010

Gavin Bryars Ensemble

While you are waiting for the program for the PUNKT festival (Kristiansand, Norway), check out Gavin Bryars Ensemble "Live at Punkt" (GB 2010) from the 2008 festival. This is not the kind of music I listen a lot to, being close to (what I think) is medieval music. What i will choose to call it then, is "extremely beautiful music"! That should describe it quite well.
The musicians are Anna Maria Friman and John Potter (voices), Morgan Goff (viola), Nick Cooper (cello), James Woodrow (guitar) and Gavin Bryars (bass and piano). Arve Henriksen is guesting on two tracks, one of them even written for him (according to Amazon UK).
My knowledge of Gavin Bryars is limited to the albums he´s represented on on Brian Eno´s Obscure label, but if you have heard "The sinking of the Titanic" and "Jesus blood never failed me yet", you will never forget it!

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