Friday, April 16, 2010

Mop Meuchiine plays Robert Wyatt

I had a post on Mop Meuchiine earlier in the blog, and now it seems like a Robert Wyatt cover album is on it´s way, and Robert Wyatt is on it too. "Mop Meuchiine plays Robert Wyatt" will be released by Le Chant du Monde Variete in the beginning of May.
Here is the track list, and you´ll find some of them on the band´s MySpace site:

1 - Locomotive
2 - Sea song
3 - Instant pussy
4 - The british road
5 - To the next track {Interview Wyatt #1}
6 - Gharbzadegi
7 - I'm a believer
8 - Anachronist / A.W.O.L.
9 - Calyx
10 - Big bang theory {Interview Wyatt #2}
11 - 5 black notes and 1 white note
12 - Muddy mouse


Pascal Maupeu said...

Hi Svenn,
My name is Pascal Maupeu, I'm the leader of "mop meuchiine". Actually Robert sent me a postcard recently, talking about your blog. So here I am!
Thanks for the post about Mop! The cd will be released on May the 6th. There are just three excerpts from interviews of Robert on the cd, Robert is not involved more than that. He allowed us to publish these interviews (sensitive and funny ones). Unfortunately, the cd is announced on Amazon under the name of "mop meuchiine and Robert wyatt" which is not really true, though.
Thanks for this beautiful blog, and keep in touch!
All the best, and greetings from France!
PS : if you want a cd, just give me your adress and I'll send you one.

Pascal Maupeu said...
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Svenn said...

Hello, and thanks for visiting the blog. The CD was in my mail box a couple of days ago already :-) New blog post soon. Best wishes