Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Yesterday I mentioned Keith Tippett and Julie Tippetts in a blog post, and remebered Centipede´s "Septober Energy" (Neon, 1971). Centipede was a band (or rather an army) with a whole bunch of jazz and rock musicians, among them our man Robert Wyatt, but please read the full list of musicians in Wikipedia.
I will not pretend that I play this album every day, but must admit that I liked it better than ever, when playing it again after yesterday´s blog post! The music is composed by Keith Tippett with lyrics by Julie Tippetts. You get some nice vocal music, some pling plong, some jazz rock and quite a lot of noise (what would you expect with this lot).
The album is produced by Robert Fripp, who was in the live version of the band, but did not play on the record.
It even seems like it is possible to buy it on CDthese days.

Robert Wyatt wrote liner notes on how impossible it would be to write liner notes about this band! "Of course I can´t tell you anything about this music, because that would be silly, and I can´t examine publicly Keith´s murky motives for dreaming up this insane travelling circus known as "Centipede".

I´m stretching the "classic" term a bit I guess, but hell it´s my blog, so "Septober energy" ends up in the Classics series.

Wath the video on YouTube of Keith Tippett conducting Viva La Black doing "Septober Energy", with Julie Tippetts, Louis Moholo and MInafric Orchestra (Sant'Anna Arresi (Sardegna), September 2008).

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