Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Residents at Bergenfest

It might have been a coincidence of course, but The Residents hit Bergen for the first time ever, on the International Worker´s Day.
The trio Randy, Chuck and Bob are on their "Talking Light" tour, and invited us into their living room to hear weird stories about ghosts and mirror people ("The Mirror People!!!!!"), and of course feed us wild rock music.
People who had been drinking too much during the festival, probably had nightmares about Chuck and Bob and their spooky masks tonight, but singer and story teller Randy was more human in his role as the old geezer wearing a bath robe and boxer shorts.
The Residents claimed to miss their fourth man Carlos, but not his solos ("Fuck Carlos! Drum solos!").
This was my first concert with The Residents, and it sure was good fun. It was totally absurd, but with fantastic music, spiced with old country and western songs ruined in the best possible ways.
I probably lost some of the jokes (due to language, sound quality and my ears) from the stories told by persons projected on screen, but no problem, I still had enough. That is even if I did not understand all that was said by the female surgeon suffering from phantom pain in her lost arm!

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