Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sugarcane´s Got The Blues

Yes, I´m pretty late with tis album, but here it is: Don Sugarcane Harris: "Sugarcane´s got the blues", originally released in1972, and now on Promising Music in 2008.
This is quite good blues rock, recorded at the Berlin Jazz Festival in November 1971. The music is recorded over two days, and it just might have been better to remove the talk between the tracks on the album ("we are going to play one more for you", and it´s three more, from two different concerts). I´m still quite happy that they included one track from the second concert, since Terje Rypdal replaced Volker Kriegel on guitar on Horace Silver´s "Song for my father" (not that i mind Kriegel, just being patriotic here!).
The other musicians are Don Harris - electric violin and vocals, Robert Wyatt - drums, Wolfgang Dauner - keyboard and Neville Whitehead - bass.
If you have not heard Sugarcane Harris, check out his violin playing on Mothers of Invention´s fantastic version of "Directly from my heart to you" (Little Richard) on Weasels Ripped My Flesh" (1970).

Eugene Chadbourne is blurbing on the new cover, but we cite from the original cover: "Sideman stardom goes to ex Soft Machine drummer ROBERT WYATT - an unorthodox percussionist who can hardly be allocated to any style. Robert´s flexibility is truly impressive, the whole range of his potentials at hand - giving his tremendously versatile comments to his musical surroundings".

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