Monday, May 10, 2010

Late Works

The old comrades John Zorn (as) and Fred Frith (g) just released (I think!) the duo album "Late works" (Tzadik 2010). This music is all improvised in the studio, and most of it is full of energy, and sometimes entering the noise field ("Foetid ceremony", "Ankle time"). The music is tough enough, and at it´s best when you can play it really loud. But check out "The Fourth mind" too, the most relaxed track on the album.

John Zorn seems to be well on his way to reach the goal of one album each month in 2010. The Norwegian noisemakers of Jazkamer follow the same scheme on Pica Disk, so feel free to empty your pockets.

I had a post on Fred Frith a couple of days ago too, and said that I would not mind seeing him live again soon. At least he is coming to Norway, playing with Dame Evelyn Glennie in Bodø 9 August. It also seems like he has plans for two days in Oslo 6 and 7 August. Anyone having info on the Oslo dates, feel free to comment.

Cover: Bea Kwan Lim.

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