Monday, May 24, 2010


Yesterday Ultralyd visited Landmark in Bergen for a concert in the Playdate series.
Ultralyd is Kjetil Möster (sax), Anders Hana (g), Kjetil D. Brandsdal (b) and Morten J. Olsen (dr). I don´t really know what to call their music, but how about an ear plug demanding mix of rocked out jazz, with some noise and contemporary elements on the side. It does not matter what we call it anyway, because they delivered a great one hour long set with music composed for their album scheduled for release in 2011. The album is being mixed in Bergen these days.

Let me recommend the Ultralyd albums, and this might be a complete discography:

"Ultralyd" (FMR Records 2003)
"Chromosome Gun" (Load Records 2005)
"Throb and Provision" (Utech Records 2006, 200 copies)
"Noxagt/Ultralyd" split LP (Textile Records 2006)
"Conditions for a Piece of Music" (Rune Grammofon 2007)
"Renditions" LP (TLRC 2009)

Frode Gjerstad (not Möster) plays saxophone on the first two albums, and on the split-album with Noxagt they appear as a saxless trio. "Throb and Provision" and the split-album is more out in the noise landscape, than the other releases.

Cover and concert photos of varying quality on Flickr.

During the concert I appeared as the sensible old gentleman with umbrella that I am (of course), using my umbrella to stop glasses from falling over the edge of the high table in the back of the concert hall. The sound waves were just to much for them, and they started to move towards the edge. Sorry I couldn´t help the young ladies in the sofa, who were hit by a falling glass of red wine. Now remeber this, since Ultralyd are touring: Never leave something breakable alone when this band is on stage!

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